Whether its a flight within or to/from the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, South America, the Middle East or Asia, Heathrow Air Ambulance is at your service to take care of the needs of your loved ones or colleague. Our aeromedical transport company provides superior air medical escort services to the sick and injured patients both domestically and internationally utilizing the existing commercial airline system.

We offer highly trained critical care flight trained Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics who are both licensed as well as screened by us to assure we are providing you with the best care possible. Our professional flight crews come from very diverse backgrounds including emergency departments, fixed wing air ambulance and ground transport services. Our network of flight staff encompasses every corner of the world with operational management from our office at Heathrow London.

Heathrow Air Ambulance has superior VIP services that assure your patient or family member will receive the highest level of attention and detail to make travelling as easy as possible. We have wide-ranging experience in medical escort operations and have completed thousands of trips over 38 years offering comfortable, safe, stress free travel. Our patients range from those able to walk to totally immobile needing physical lifting assistance and unable to care for themselves. We offer the best alternative to our traditional air ambulances services while still providing equal care!

Our medical escort services include:

* Medical evaluation of patients

* Accompanying medical equipment throughout transfer

* Physical therapy to avoid VTE (DVT)

* Proper ventilation of patients

* International stretcher services

* Paralysed patients have total lift and transfer services

* Organization of complicated multinational medical team transfers

* Coordination with airlines and obtaining of medical clearance

* Total Bedside to bedside services

* Suitable ground transportation

* Ticketing for all travelling parties

* Arranging all facility requirements

* Home Health arrangements are attended to

* Everything is fully insured

* Comprehensive door-to-door care!

So please contact Heathrow Air Ambulance to avail of the best and complete medical escort service.