1. Investigation, assessment and advice in cases of accident or sudden illness overseas
  2. Medical advice by our company doctor, with access to specialists in the relevant field of medicine.
  3. Electing the aircraft appropriate to the patient’s medical needs and the flying time involved.
  4. Comprehensive aeromedical flight equipment.
  5. Medical teams appropriate to the patient’s condition.
  6. Scheduling paramedic teams, air ambulances and arranging medical referral at receiving hospital.
  7. Liaison with client throughout.
  8. All aspects of the client, care and transportation are properly insured.

London – Home to Kuwait

Air ambulance transport operation from London to Kuwait

Aeromedical flight evacuation is an extremely intricate and complex matter and is not always the answer.

It is sometimes neither in the medical interest of the patient nor within the financial resource of the individual having to pay the bill. Financial pressures, however, must be resisted and all decisions taken on medical grounds, otherwise an unnecessary element of risk is introduced.

Hasty and badly organised air ambulance evacuations could result in costly and ill coordinated exercises to the detriment of the patient and family.

Heathrow Air Ambulance is an experienced emergency service which can best determine the appropriate action that is required in the event of a medical emergency occurring overseas.

Clouds over Tampa

A wing to wing patient transfer in Tampa, Florida with a successful mission from Mexico to Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

Pair of HAA air ambulance jets readied for take-off in Tampa.